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CJ-2 (Crystal)

Here’s CJ-2 (Crystal)! 
Although this is another example of our buses. Your needs, (Special Buses, Personal or Group Security, More Than One Bus), can be met with just a phone call or e-mail.





Prevost XL – Detroit Series 60
9 Bunks
Separate Shower

Front Room:
Sony Flat Screen TV/DVD/CD-VCR player
Refrigerator/Freezer combo
80 lb. ice bin

Hook-up’s for computer
Hot & Cold Water at all sinks & shower

Rear Room:
Couches make a queen-size bed
TV/DVD/CD-VCR players

Back room makes into bed, either twin or queen
Stereo – DAT player
DVD-CD players
Front Room
One 18 lb. ice bins
2 satellite systems

A Great Ride on Michelin tires and Centramatic Balancers!

Other Services:

Local hunting/fishing trips
Car and trailer available

We also have  Trailers that are available for your use.
10-14-16 Ft. long, 8 Ft. wide, 6′-3″ Tall or 7′-3″ Tall
Ramp Door and Side Door

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Fax 1-859-885-5444
Available 24/7/365!

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