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We are also available for hurricane and storm cleanup. Also family vacations! We are COVID-19 safe and do everything in our power to keep you safe! And Nashville TN coach leases!

CJ5 “Risky Business” 12 Bunker

Your needs, (Special Buses, Personal or Group Security, More Than One Bus), can be met with just a phone call or e-mail.

Other Services:

Local hunting/fishing trips
Car and trailer available

We also have  Trailers that are available for your use.
14 Ft. long, 8 Ft. wide, 6′-3″ Tall or 7′-3″ Tall
Ramp Door and Side Door

A Great Ride on Michelin tires and Centramatic Balancers!

Phone 1-859-339-6410
Fax 1-859-885-5444
Available 24/7/365!

E-Mail cjstarbuses@gmail.com