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CJ1 "Pearl" 12 bunk


CJ3 "R J Express" 12 bunk


CJ5 "Risky Business" 12 bunk



Invest in CJ STAR BUSES!

Entertainment coaches can bring an excellent return on investment. The price of a new coach is between $495,000 and $900,000. Used coaches are in the range of $150,000 to $425,000.

Movie stars, rock groups, entertainers and corporations use these homes on wheels to travel throughout North America. These vehicles have all the amenities of home while offering the ability to travel safely and securely. As more and more people are avoiding flying, these luxury coaches are becoming more and more in demand.

We are seeking investors that are able to qualify for the financing of the amount of purchase and conversion of a new coach or the price of a used converted coach.

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