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CJ Star Buses provides tour buses, luxury sleeper coaches, star coaches, band buses and transportation services (as well as other services) for bands, rock stars, corporate travel, charter services, family trips, and more. We specialize in treating even the most discriminating clients to the utmost in comfort, privacy and security. We have provided services to many movie stars and rock bands. We provide security, safety and serene surroundings where the stars can relax without having throngs of people surrounding them.

CJ 1 - Pearl  
CJ1 "Pearl"   CJ3 "R J Express"
CJ4 "Breakaway" CJ5 "Risky Business" CJ6
CJ 5 - Blue  
CJ7 "Blue"   CJ8 "Cool Times"

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A Great Ride on Michelin tires and Centramatic Balancers!

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